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The AtmosRx is the original vaporizer for concentrates made by Atmos. It works by passing just enough heat and air through the cartomizer to release active elements in the concentrates and oils. The AtmosRx weighs just 1 ounce and measures 4.6 inches in length with the mouthpiece attached. It comes in brushed aluminum or midnight black finishes. The lithium ion battery will last about 600 puffs before recharging is needed. Battery life also depends on the intensity of use.

Q: What is the difference between the Atmos Raw and the AtmosRx?

A: The Atmos Raw is for dry blends and the AtmosRx is only for oils and concentrates.

Q: What comes with the AtmosRx?

A: It comes with 1 AtmosRx battery, 1 USB charger, (not a wall charger), 1 cartomizer, 1 carrying case, and 1 user's manual.

Q: Where can I find extra cartomizers for the AtmosRx.

A: We sell pack of 5 cartomizers for the AtmosRx for $14.99.

1. Charge the special rechargeable lithium battery using the USB charger. Turn clockwise to screw in the battery into the USB charger. Battery LED will flash 5 times to indicate a charging status. The USB charger indicator light will turn from red to green once battery is fully charged.

2. Remove the white plastic cartomizer cover to add a few drops of concentrates into the AtmosRx cartomizer.

3. Press and hold the power button while taking draws. Holding down the power button longer will produce denser vapor. guarantees that the AtmosRx Vaporizer you receive is free of manufacture defects and works in proper manner. If your AtmosRx is defective when you receive your order, please contact us within 10 business days for a replacement unit free of charge.

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