VaporX XRT Vaporizer

VaporX XRT Vaporizer
VaporX XRT Vaporizer VaporX XRT Vaporizer VaporX XRT Vaporizer
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The VaporX XRT is the smallest and most revolutionary vaporizer in history. Employing a ceramic rod heating element allows you to enjoy your favorite dry herbs without the need for butane or a lighter. Easy to use, discreet and compact in size, VaporX XRT allows you to vape anywhere you like, in style. The unit comes with all the tools and accessories you need to get started.

Your VaporX XRT is powered by a high capacity, rechargeable, lithium ion battery. By the way, did we mention that it can also vaporize your favorite oils in the XRT’s separate oil compartment – also included! There is an optional glass tank for essential oils you can purchase for the XRT.

Q:  Can I use liquid nicotine with the VaporX XRT?

A:  No. Any liquid is not thick enough and will leak and damage the VaporX XRT.

Q:  How long should I charge the battery?

A: Initial charge for first time use should be 6 hours to condition the battery. Subsequent charges are 2 hours.

Q:  Can I use wax or oils with the VaporX XRT?

A:  Yes it comes with an optional wax/oil compartment. 

Fully charge your VaporX XRT vaporizer prior to first use – charger’s indicator light will be red while charging, and turn green once battery is fully charged.

Remove the connector from the dry herb chamber. Fill the heating chamber with shredded herbs, carefully packing the herb around the ceramic core heater. Do not restrict air flow by over packing the chamber. Use the packing tool that is included.

Attach the battery to the dry herb chamber and you are ready to start vaporizing. Although the VaporX XRT comes with an oil container, using it can make your herb chamber filled with oil. We recommend vaping essential oils with the optional VaporX Glass Essential Oil Tank.

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